Wednesday, September 3, 2008

AHHHHHH.... School has started!

Well, this year is going to be interesting. Only been to two classes and already I'm getting swamped. As well (Last minute as usual), I found out that next weekend (12-14th) I will be on a field trip to southern Alberta....

Yes. They expect me to get a babysitter in little more than a week for a 2 night vacation... ahem, I mean field trip. There was no notice in the calendar or anything. Oh well. At least it sounds like an interesting class.

My classes so far sound great. In one, we have a guest lecturer every week, and in the other I get to use Google Earth! This might be the best semester yet, I guess we'll all find out soon....

On that note, my daughter has started school again for another year. She likes her teacher and all the kids in class, so at least one of us is happy right now :)


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