Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just a Little Love People...

Alright, whoever said that Canadians are the most mannered/nice people have burning pants right now, because whenever they get behind the wheel they are morons.
Just yesterday I was driving down some alleys (don't ask, its not like I patrol them), and had to move over EVERY time another car came down. EVERY TIME!!!11!!11!!!

The driver, whether female/male, young/old, etc/etc, would stare at me. Finally, I would move over. Is this some kind of Canadian chicken??! (moving verrrrry slowlllllly).

Anyways, the polite & mannered thing to do would for both of us to move to the sides (there is enough room), and each give a little wave. But no, I move to the side, and the other people either ignore me or give me a one fingered salute. Just a little wave. That's all I'm asking. My standards are super low. And yet, people cannot manage this. Where are their moms? Did they teach them no manners?

And this is in alleys! Everytime I get on the roads, I put my life & my daughters in jeopardy. People drive like friggin blind people! And this is in every major city I have ever drove in. Actually, this rant goes for States' cities too. When the population gets over 100,000 people think that they are immune or something.

Well...... I guess all I can hope for is that natural selection works........

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flynnfx said...

Well, Edmonton drivers seem to be among the worst. Really. I know there is no love lost between Edmonton and Calgary for example, but you can actually merge on to the Deerfoot without someone trying to cut you off because they think if you get ahead of them, they lose face. Seriously, it feels like that in Edmonton, that if you're courteous, and polite driver, it's a sign you're weaker. I don't like it either - this should not be Death Race just in ordinary commuter driving, or as you mentioned, in the alleyway -common civility and courtesy would calm people down, and do wonders in reducing accidents - I often think those 'accidents' are simply people trying to not lose their 'manhood/womanhood' because someone might get ahead of them - sheesh!