Monday, August 18, 2008

Water Conference

Well... nothing like a well deserved break ....
Anyways, this last Saturday there was a Water Conference held in Alberta at Fort Chip. There were the usual players there, but the promising piece of information was that the Aboriginal Bands that were there were discussing the potential of suing the Federal and Albertan Government because of their inaction after the Mackenzie Basin Transboundary Water Agreement that was signed in 1997. A CBC news report stated that mutated fish are being found in the rivers in this area. Remind you of the Simpsons? Instead of three eyes, there were two mouths.

Scary as this is (ewwww, that's why I don't eat fish), many people are using the river water daily. Many Indian Reserves are found along rivers in this region, so why isn't the government listening? Because it all comes down to the mighty dollar, there are fewer people living in Northern Alberta, and because many of these people, the government just does not care about.

What to do?? I'll be thinking about this for a while to come.

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