Monday, July 28, 2008

Language Laws??

For a while now, Alberta has had one official language. Now with this traffic ticket fiasco, will this open up these laws for amendment or change? Yes, I know, I know... the Alberta Government is now appealing the court ruling, so where will this leave Albertans?

First of all, I'm Albertan, was born Albertan ... and I happen to be a very liberal Albertan (didn't think that was possible didya?!) I also believe everyone in the country of Canada should be able to fluently speak BOTH french and english. Not because of our history, but because it improves our ability to travel & identify with other cultures, opens our opportunities, and provides all Canadians a basis of unity.

However, this guy failed to make a safe left turn, and if the ticket was in portugese, swahili, or russian it should still be upheld! I'm all for the language laws to be reformed, but this guy actually committed a traffic infraction & should be punished accordingly. Let's not lose sight of what this is actually about.

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