Tuesday, July 29, 2008

University Course Registration Done!

After procrastinating for a very long time (I was supposed to in the middle of May), I finally have registered in my courses for the Fall and Winter semesters.

And this year I have rockin' classes! I have evolutionary biology, a mass of botany classes, geology and my mainstay, french class.

Hopefully this year will give me lots of fodder for my blog, as well as a main venting area, when, halfway through the semester, I complain about my classes, teachers, classmates, & then I wonder why I ever quit my job in the first place to go into massive debt just to rule the entire world.....ahem, I mean get smarter :P

So anyways, I'll just get back to my summer reading program (ie. scienceblogs) and enjoy the freedom while it lasts, until 8am tomorrow morning when I have to be at work...


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