Saturday, March 21, 2009

Please sir... may I have spring? Warm weather?

The lowliest of the low... nothing is more overused (except Shakespeare) than Oliver Twist. I'm sure Dicken's is rolling in his grave to know the multiple ways people use his poor Oliver to affect a supplication for something they want.
.... But I'm desparate. For warm weather. For more than 6 months out of the year, there is snow crunching underneath my feet. I long for green things to see, and flowers to smell, and branches to prune. I'm sure that had Dicken's lived through a cold Canadian winter he would've written Oliver to say "Please sir... May I have some Gloves?", because who wants more... all you'll get is more snow.

What's that you say? Snow in the forecast? I should've seen it coming.


flynnfx said...

Go to the Muttart Conservatory! I guarentee an afternoon in the desert section will bring a smile to your face - it is wonderfully warm there!

The Real CAM said...

It's not open yet... the contractor has yet to establish a finishing date :(

Otherwise I would... I love it there!