Wednesday, March 11, 2009

They've found Anastasia and Alexi

Through the modern science of DNA analysis, they have finally solved a mystery that has been capturing the hearts of millions.
They have found Anastasia and Alexi Romanov which has been proved through DNA matching to their parents and siblings from a grave ~70m away. I've been assuming that the matching sister in Alexi's grave was Anastasia, but it could have been one of his other sisters. The important meaning from this is that all of the Romanov family has been found. This paper in PLOS One has the science behind it (and that the Russians and American's don't agree on which sister was missing).
The mystery that has inspired half a dozen movies can now be laid to rest.


C'est Moi - Selina said...

I think we all knew they would. But it was the mystery and the hope that someone survived that brutal attack that fueled all the speculation for all those years.

I've been reading about and following the news on the Romanov's since I was 12. In a way its sad to have it put to rest.

The myth of Alexi surviving is a bit too much because he was hemophiliac and the amount of brutality enacted upon the family would have been lethal for him. But then again it was the missing skeletons that fueled the hope. To the Bolsheviks, the young Tzarovich would also have been a great liability for reclaiming the throne.

Thanks for sharing the article though. I did enjoy reading it.

The Real CAM said...

I agree, I also loved the history of what preceeded their removal in Russian government, and the stories of what "could be" afterwards. (Also it's a great excuse to post Yul Brynner's photo on my blog :) good movie too!)